How to install additional python packages?

The easiest way to install additional python packages is to use pip (which will download the package directly from Before using pip in Sim4Life 3.x, there is a small conflict between pip and setuptools that first needs to be resolved. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open a console (using for example "cmd.exe"). Note that it does NOT have to be run as administrator.

  2. Type the following commands in the console

cd C:\Program Files\Sim4Life_v3.2.4.1836\Python27
python.exe -m pip uninstall distribute (and type "y" when prompted)
python.exe -m pip install --upgrade setuptools
python.exe -m pip install name_of_new_package_to_install

EDIT: in Sim4Life 4.x and above, there is no conflict anymore between pip and setuptools, so all you have to do is:

cd C:\Program Files\Sim4Life_v4.0.0.2835\Python27
python.exe -m pip install name_of_new_package_to_install