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    As already announced on the ZMT website, we have released a new simulation platform called S4L lite.

    Set up, parameterize, optimize, manipulate, compute, and postprocess the most complex modeling and simulation tasks directly in your web browser – with the same performance and responsiveness as the Sim4Life desktop installation.

    S4L lite offers the same features as Sim4Life, only the project size is limited. In addition, it allows students to share projects with classmates and teachers, easily facilitating collaboration and team learning.

    Learn all about S4L lite and how to get access here, it's free!


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    to store the current posture, type a name and press "Store Posture As". this will add the posture to the list above to delete one of the postures, press the "X" button next to the posture to export the postures press "Export" and type a filename to import press "Import"


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