Sim4Life crashes when Workbench or MATCH Circuit Viewer is loaded

The crash is due to an old version of OpenGL that is isntalled on the system. The Workbech and the CircuitViewer both require a recent version, e.g., 4.5.0 or 4.6.0 of OpenGL, and unfortunately Sim4Life would crash if these functions are loaded with an older version.This will also cause some reduced features in the graphics especially in the voxel viewer.

If Sim4Life is not used over RemoteDesktop or any other VirtualMachine, then graphics drivers have to be updated to get a more recent OpenGL version.

RemoteDesktop or the like, depending on the display card and Windows combinations, might not be able to support recent OpenGL version. This is something out of our control unfortunately. We could consider implementing a better behavior than a crash like we do for the voxel viewer where we use an older version of the viewer with reduced functionality if no recent OpenGL is found.