aXware FDTD solver and Nvidia driver version

Hi All,

I noticed that the Sim4Life HPC benchmarks at report aXware solver results using an Nvidia GTX 750 Ti card (Benchmark 2) and in a small computational domain (( with 2 x Nvidia GTX 770 cards.

This is pretty interesting since I've been testing out a GTX 1080 Ti with the aXware solver and the latest GeForce drivers (418.91 Feb 2019) which is well outside the Acceleware recommended hardware for their v11.1.13 FDTD solver ( I see some solver failures with the 1080 Ti when using multiple 3x and 9x subgrids in 50-100 Mcell meshes (ie relatively small domains) and put that down to driver issues. However I also see aXware solver failures with similar meshes with a old Quadro M2000 card running the recommended Nvidia driver (Tesla/Quadro 377.35 May 2017) which could well be memory issues with the 9x subgridding and only 4GB on the M2000.

The 1080 Ti has tremendous price performance (with the usual caveats for GeForce vs Tesla/Quadro cards) and I was wondering if anyone knows if aXware have updated their Nvidia driver recommendations or have experience using GeForce cards with the aXware FDTD solver (as suggested by the ZMT HPC benchmarks above).