"To-Python"-function yields AssertionError

Dear Sim4Life community,

when I try to create a python-script using the scripter (the "To-Python"-function at the Analysis tab), I get an AssertionError. I have copied it here:

ERROR s4l_v1._scripter.scripter
File "C:\Program Files\Sim4LifeLight_v4.2.0.3553\s4l_v1_scripter\scripter.py", line 71 :
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Program Files\Sim4LifeLight_v4.2.0.3553\s4l_v1_scripter\scripter.py", line 62, in AnalysisToScript
File "C:\Program Files\Sim4LifeLight_v4.2.0.3553\s4l_v1_scripter\exporter.py", line 52, in to_script
(app_name == "SEMCAD" and app_ver.startswith(str(ReleaseVersion._semcad_current().value[7:])))

Is there something I can do to solve this?


This looks like an over-zealous version check and can be safely ignored. You can in principle disable the check by editing the faulty file manually
("C:\Program Files\Sim4LifeLight_v4.2.0.3553\s4l_v1_scripter\exporter.py", line 52) and removing the line that triggers the AssertionError (should start with "assert ...".
If that sounds even remotely complicated to you, the simplest is for you to update Sim4Life light to its latest released version (simply download and install again), since this issue was fixed.
I hope this helps.

Yes, deleting the line you mentioned has solved the problem. Thank you again for your help Sylvain.