How can I export a mesh model as IGES

I have a mesh entity in the model. When I export it to file as IGES, the software gives the following error


How can I solve this?


I figured it out. The problem is that not all export formats support meshed entities. The entities could be either meshed surfaces or solids (i.e. mathematical representation of the geometry). Kind of analogous to having a picture pixelized (bmp) or vectorized (ps).

To export these model entities to IGES, first one needs to convert all mesh entities into solids. This is done as follows:

a) select mesh objects
b) Mesh tools -> Remesh
c) in the Options pannel, select "Convert to Solid"

Now you are ready to export!


Not all users have the REMESH tool. Users who don't have the REMESH tool can

  1. export the surface as STL (or some other surface mesh format like PLY)
  2. import it in Sim4Life (via the Import button, not via drag and drop) and select the "Convert to Solid"

@pcrespo By the way. Converting to Solid (using either method) only works well when
a) the mesh resolution is not too high (else it will take forever and use huge amounts of memory)
b) the surface mesh is manifold and has no self-intersections. these defects can be identified and often fixed using the Mesh Doctor ("Automatically Fix").