Thicken the helix wire

I find a problem when I use the thicken wire
I make a helix(the radius is 0.5mm and the distance is 0.45mm) and want to thicken it to 0.05mm using the thicken wire. But I find a mistake like below and there are many self-intersect surfacewire.jpg
So I try another helix which is larger than the former one like belowwire2.jpg
I find it worked but obviously the helix is not smooth. Is that mean the helix is constituted by many small cylinders so when I work with a small helix there will be errors like above.
How can I deal with this problem
Thank you so much!

This post is deleted!


You could try to use the solution that was posted here:

This uses the python API. Maybe that works, otherwise, you could try to dive into the "xCoreModelling" library using python and try to construct a helix using that. However, that might be tricky to figure out so let me know if the above works.

@PeterStijnman Thank you so much for your solution,I will try it.