Extracting neuron simulation results


How would I get access to the calculations of the neuronal simulation (such as membrane voltage and ionic currents at each node, over time)?

Also, is there a way to get the X/Y/Z coordinates of the nodes? For example, to help see where in the model geometry the reported site of activation is from a Titration Evaluator.

Thank you in advance.

To update, I've learned the membrane voltage, membrane current, and extracellular voltage can be specified as the measured quantity for a line sensor, with the number of time snapshots of your choosing. Thus, all info to calculate the induced potential on the electrode over time from neural activity is available, one just has to create multiple, identical spline entities as only one quantity can be sensed from a structure at at time (at least in the version of 5.0 that I'm using).

This also helps get a relative idea of where the action potential initiates along the axon relative to the electrode, though not an exact X/Y/Z location to show in the model view.