Power Balance - Lumped Elements Losses

Hi everyone,

When I analyze the results for a simple RF coil placed approximately 10 cm from my sample, I look at the power balance result (sim4life 4.4). I am clear with the meaning of Dielectric loss and radiated power. However, I do not understand what are the lumped elements losses ?
Since in my case, these losses represent up to 80% of the power loss, it is quite annoying. All my lumped elements were modeled as simple lossless capacitors or inductors. Do anyone know where these losses come from ?

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If the power balance is suspicious, the first thing I would try is to increase the number of simulated periods (or change the convergence level). Simulations that are not well converged are not at steady state, from an energy point of view, and results are often meaningless.

Hi Sylvain,

Thank you for your reply ! Indeed, it seems that one of my components was holding so much current at the end of the simulation. After I increased the number of periods, the results were more consistent. However, even before, the global convergence level was better than -25 dB. This is why I thought I could trust my results since the solver-log said that my results could be trusted in the frequency range of interest.