How do I calculate the total deposited power

Hello, I would like to calculate the total deposited power to the tumor that 2 electrodes produce. I have an EM quasi static model and in the analysis tab, through the statistics I can only see the max and min SAR values. I am not sure if it would be correct, but can I calculate the power through the SAR plot, due to the fact that it has gaussian distribution? If not, can someone help me on how to calculate the total power of my model? It is a lung tumor with 2 electrodes, so I need the total power to normalize it and then compare it with the total power of the 1 electrode model.

Thank you.

Hi, it looks like you need to use the "SAR Statistics" algorithm (part of the Dosimetry tools). It will give you the total power deposited in the system as well as the power deposited in each tissue.

Thank you very much. I was also looking at the statistics of SAR but I missed the "statistics" I needed for my cause.
Also, is there a way to see the total SAR and not just the min and max values? Or I calculate the mass from the volume and density, and simply divide the power with the mass?

Next to the "Statistics"-button you can see a "Viewers"-button, which has a wide variety of options on how to visualize your data. It includes slice viewers where you can see the SAR-distribution of an arbitrary plane, a histogram plot option, and much more.