Post analysis in python code

Dear supporter,
I run neurostimulation in Sim4LifeLight V and then, I plot my results by means of following code:
#start of my code
def AnalyzeSimulation(sim):
import s4l_v1.analysis as analysis
import s4l_v1.analysis.neuron_evaluators

# Create extractor for a given simulation output file
results = sim.Results()

inputs = []
for sensor in results.keys():
	if "PointSensor" in sensor:
		sensor_extractor = results[sensor]
plot_viewer = analysis.viewers.PlotViewer(inputs=inputs)

#end of my code
I want to do some post processing on my plotted data, but unfortunately, I do not know how can I access data through python code.
Thanks for your help.

after the line sensor_extractor.Update() you can access the data using either:

  • sensor_extractor["v"].Data.GetComponent(0) (if 1D data)
  • sensor_extractor["v"].Data.Field(0) (if 3D data)

these return the numpy array holding the raw data. Type dir(sensor_extractor["v"].Data) in the Console to get a list of available functions that can be useful for Data objects.