Export parts of ViP models as IGES


I'm trying to build a rectangular pad electrode that should be attached to a part of model Glenn's body. To do so, I've intersected a block and Glenn's skin, I've extracted a patch to get the external surface of the intersection and then extracted the triangle mesh from the patch. I need to export this last object to do some manipulation of the geometry, but the only format available is ACIS SAT, as I get an error ("no bodies have been found") whenever I try to export it using other formats (i.e. iges).
I've read all the topics about this that were already posted on the forum, but unfortunately none of the suggested solutions worked for me, in fact I don't have the remash tool neither I get the option to import a file as a solid. Is there any other solution that might help me solving this problem?
Thank you very much.

Hi Micol,

This answer is a bit late, but hope it can be to some help for you anyway.

I downloaded the shell of Duke as suggested in this discussion by Bryn: https://forum.zmt.swiss/topic/74/boolean-operation-with-anatomical-models/5. Unfortunately, it not completely free. But this worked for me. After intersecting with the shell instead of dukes skin you have more export possibilities, also for the mesh you want to export.

Link: https://itis.swiss/virtual-population/virtual-population/vip2/duke/duke-whole-body-shell-v2-0/

Hope this helps,

Hi Micol and Frodi,

One free alternative is to use the shell provided with the Fitness Tracker tutorial. This is the skin shell of the model Billie. It is not license protected and can be exported to any one of the available export formats.