Voxel-wise initial conditions for Thermal Simulations


I am trying to run very high number of thermal simulations. I am running thermal simulations for at least 30 minutes before EM source operates to ensure steady state temperature distribution in human models. Is there any way that I can use previously simulated initial temperature maps on a certain grid for the thermal simulations? In other words, I am trying to skip initial simulation time before applying RF source in thermal simulations and searching for some work around solutions because initial conditions can only be defined for tissue types. However, same tissue type can have different initial condition based on the location and I cannot extract temperature maps on a grid of tissue types.

Thank you for your help.

In transient thermal simulation, several ways of defining initial temperatures distribution are available (as detailed in the Manual, section In your case, either 'steady state' or 'continue simulation' can allow you to avoid those 30 min with no EM sources. Here an example of process:
(1) Run a first thermal simulation with only the human model and its proper thermal features, until reaching the required steady-state. This simulation would be the initialization of all your thermal simulations.
(2) Create a 2nd simulation in which the 'Material' is defined as for the first one and use the 'Continue Simulation' option. You would also need to define the 'Snapshot', meaning at what time of the first simulation you are considering the initial temperatures (take care in case of non-convergence). EM sources can then be directly applied at 0 second.
For ensuring accuracy, I would advice you to keep the same grid for all your thermal simulations.