'Electroceuticals - Implantable Stimulator' CAD missing (S4L Light)


I am trying to do the Implantable Stimulator tutorial found in the S4L Light documentation. The first step requires us to import the 'nerve_model_electrod.sab' CAD model, however, I am unable to find it. I am looking in the following directory:
'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sim4LifeLight\5.0\Documentation\Tutorials\Tutorial projects' and the desired file is not in any of the folders. I was wondering if there were any packages that I needed to install to get access to the CAD model, or if it was being stored in a different location. I am having a similar problem in finding the 'Yoon-sunArm_Electrodes.sab' CAD file, required for the tutorial prior to this one.

Many thanks for you help,

Hi there, I am having a similar problem and was wondering if you managed to sort it out.

I just got the Evaluation License for the full version and the CAD file is in that, so maybe it's only meant to be used with the full version?

@Jexyll_S Oh perhaps, thanks!