Using Server for Parameter Sweep

I'm using a client computer to prepare models and running simulations on a remote server. Results are transferred back to my local/client computer after finishing. When I tried to run a parameter sweep on a previously run simulation, unfortunately, it tries to use my local/client computer instead of the server. I realized that there is no 'default setting' for the preferred solvers. So, I wonder if I can set my default 'iSolve' as the remote one or not.

I would be grateful if you would offer a solution for me to use the remote server as the default one for parameter sweeps.
P.S. I tried to shut down my local ARES to disable local isolve.exe but it didn't work as expected. Also, I tried to add the path of remote 'isolve.exe' to my local ARES but it didn't work either.


Hi, I have the same issue. Did you have any luck with it?

@tcs hi,
Unfortunately not. Right now, there is no way to use remote computers for parameter sweep or optimization. I learned that it is in the 'to do list' of zmt. I'm waiting for the future builds to see this feature in S4L.

Hi, Is this problem solved in the V6 update?

Yes it is. Now I can use optimization and parameter sweep functions in remote sessions.

Hi, thank you. Could you point me some documentation how to select this from the sweep interface, or could you tell me how I select the server from the sweep interface? Thanks in advance.

@jasper-goethals said in Using Server for Parameter Sweep:

Hello Jasper,
Still, I cannot send my parameter sweeps from a local client to a remote server. I can run parameter sweeps by using a remote session (like rdp on windows) on the server. Previously, Workbench was not working on remote sessions, hence, it was impossible to run parameter sweeps even using a rdp type applications. Now, at least Workbench screen is working with rdp connections.
So, still we cannot send parameter sweep iterations from a client computer to a remote server. Hence, there is nothing to select from sweep interface. You should simply open your simulation file using the server itself.

@sayimgokyar Thank you for the clear answer. I get it now.