Using Server for Parameter Sweep

I'm using a client computer to prepare models and running simulations on a remote server. Results are transferred back to my local/client computer after finishing. When I tried to run a parameter sweep on a previously run simulation, unfortunately, it tries to use my local/client computer instead of the server. I realized that there is no 'default setting' for the preferred solvers. So, I wonder if I can set my default 'iSolve' as the remote one or not.

I would be grateful if you would offer a solution for me to use the remote server as the default one for parameter sweeps.
P.S. I tried to shut down my local ARES to disable local isolve.exe but it didn't work as expected. Also, I tried to add the path of remote 'isolve.exe' to my local ARES but it didn't work either.


Hi, I have the same issue. Did you have any luck with it?

@tcs hi,
Unfortunately not. Right now, there is no way to use remote computers for parameter sweep or optimization. I learned that it is in the 'to do list' of zmt. I'm waiting for the future builds to see this feature in S4L.