wrapping tool

Dear supporter,

I want to use wrapping tool in sim4life to perform transformation that wraps a structure on anatomical human head models (MIDA V1.0). I received this error: "supplied target surface is nor supported for wrapping functionality". What should I do? Is there something like wrapping tool for wrapping a structure on surface?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Fariba

The wrapping tool currently doesn't support wrapping on to triangle surface mesh objects. You could try the following (assuming you want to wrap onto the skin):

  • Select skin surface
  • Start Mesh Doctor tool, press "Make Manifold". This will make some tiny changes, and change the connectivity of the surface to make it manifold. This will help for nearly any downstream tools (e.g. boolean, ...)
  • Start "Mesh Tools/Remesh" tool (if you have this license feature), press "Convert To Solid"
  • Now the skin is a NURBS solid object, not a triangle mesh - so now wrapping may work

Unfortunately, above recipe may not work. Currently this is difficult in Sim4Life, and we are working on a new tool which can wrap flat (nearly 2D) objects on triangle mesh surfaces. This feature will be available in the next release.

If you can share the CAD and the position and orientation you would like to have the object on MIDA, we could test the tool and send you a preview result. I will contact you privately.