Transducer Array

I am using sim4life light. I want to create an array similar to the one found in this document:


This does not seem possible with the default CLUA, LUA, or SEFT array settings. Are additional arrays available with a different license?

Hello, not that I am aware of, maybe email the support team? They could possibly provide you with a CAD file to import it or a Python script to generate it

I found it was listed in a dissertation from the sim4life creators laboratory. 1. Kyriakou, A., Multi-physics computational modeling of focused ultrasound therapies. 2015, ETH Zurich.

Yes I'm aware of what you're referring to but there is no readily available template available in Sim4Life. With some work it could be easily generated via a Python script (by creating spheres and disks and using boolean operators to intersect or subtract them) or perhaps you can maybe email the S4L support team to ask if they can provide you with a model for you to import?