Induced Magnetic H-field

I have been trying to create a simulation where a current carrying loop is used to induce a current and corresponding H-field in and around a volumetric metal conductor. I have been using the Unstructured Magneto Quasi-Static solver to do this. The problem I'm having is that even though a current can be measured in the conducting ring, there is no H-field created by this. This has been tested by looking at the imaginary H-field (the induced current is imaginary, so the H-field should also be imaginary).

I have also tried comparing the calculated H fields between two simulations, one with and one without the volumetric conducting ring. The created H-fields have been identical when measured on the same unstructured mesh. This seems like a simple problem to be able to solve, so I hope that someone is able to provide me with some advice. I have probably forgotten to turn on some setting or change a parameter.

Any ideas are much appreciated.