Acoustic simluation


There are two questions I would like to discuss:

1: Could I import a 3D human head model (mesh data) that I created from Simpleware SCANIP instead of surface data (.stl file) into Sim4life?

2: Because of the problem 1, I can not do the detailed analysis of human head model (such as skull, csf, graymatter, whitematter). Any suggestions to use Sim4life to analyze the material that the ultrasound propagates through?

I am not familiar with SCANIP or it's image formats, but can't you export your data as an stl or another compatible image format?

In the 'Model' tab, if you click on 'Imp/ Export' -> 'Import' you should be able to see the different file formats that can be imported.

If Exporting your whole model as some compatible format doesn't work, maybe you can export the different tissues individually?

If this doesn't work then maybe you can email the support team to request compatibility?