Simulation results show as nan+nanj


I am trying to extract the results using the python interface but I am getting a nan+nanj for each of the fields in the array.

I have used data= E_field.Data.Field(0)

The same thing happens when I export to matlab. However, when I look at the results in the analysis tab it does show the correct results. Am I missing something?


Just an update on this, using this same method to extract the results from the tutorial "emlf_two_metallic_spheres" I managed to get complex numbers as a result. However, it doesn't work with any of my simulations even though they're created the same way?

maybe your fields are "NaN" in some regions and "complex numbers" in other regions. This happens, for example, if you use a Mask Filter (which replaces values outside the mask by NaN).
Easy way to check:

import numpy as np

Oh that worked! Thank you 🙂