Huygens Source from Text File

Hi everybody! After searching in the forum for an answer and finding nothing for my issue, I decided to start a new topic.

I am currently trying to generate an EM field through a series of EM FDTD simulations (I need to sum up fields and average them). I am storing the resulting "average" field in a text file so that I can assemble, at the end, a proper ASCII text file to use it as a Huygens source in another simulation.

Now, the point is that when I use my ASCII text file as the input of the Huygens source I obtain, as a result, a completely different E (and H) field (when compared to the "source" field cited above). I checked the stored E and H fields (plotting their extracted data in Matlab) and they correspond to the simulated Sim4Life field, so I am saving/extracting the correct field. It really looks like, using it as an input for the Huygens source, the field gets modified somehow, or uncorrectly processed.

Do you have any clue on what the problem may be? Or wether am I doing something wrong? Thank you very much.