How to extract point data?

I would need to know if it is possible to automatically (or via Python) extract point data, giving the point coordinates, once the acoustic simulation has run.
Or I have to set a point sensor in each point of interest before running the simulation?
Specially, I would need to extract the acoustic intensity value in specific points.
So far I extracted the profile along an axis and then I manually took the value using the cursor, a very awkward way !!!

I'm no expert but I would try creating point sensors at the locations of interest before running the simulation, then once the simulation is complete you should be able to extract the data from each of the point sensors.

Thanks Ender.
Yes, at the moment that's the only way I found to do that.
Thank you again

Dear Annalisa,

  1. If you want the time domain data then you will need the point sensors which need to be set ahead of time.
  2. If you just want the Intensity values (steady state) and the coordinates then you can use python for that
  • out is 3D numpy array of intensity values
  • xaxis is coordinates is the coordinates of each x point in the out array
    -- Note that Values are stored at cell centers and the xaxis_nodes gives the coordinates for the cell nodes (not cell centers), xaxis is the just the midpoint
    -- Careful with axis units, they're probably in meters by default but not sure (maybe depends on s4l settings)
import numpy as np
import s4l_v1.analysis as analysis
import s4l_v1.document as document
import s4l_v1.model as model
import s4l_v1.units as units
from s4l_v1 import ReleaseVersion
from s4l_v1 import Unit

simulation = document.AllSimulations["Ac"]
simulation_extractor = simulation.Results()
acoustic_sensor_extractor = simulation_extractor["Overall Field"]
field = acoustic_sensor_extractor.Outputs["Intensity"]
# Get Field - 1D flat array
out = field.Data.Field(0)
# Get Axis
dims = np.array(field.Data.Grid.Dimensions)
if != len(out):
	dims = dims-1
# Reshape Field - 3D [x,y,z] array
out = out.reshape(dims, order='F')

# Coordinates of nodes 
xaxis_nodes = field.Data.Grid.XAxis
yaxis_nodes = field.Data.Grid.YAxis
zaxis_nodes = field.Data.Grid.ZAxis

# Coordinates of cell values
xaxis = (xaxis_nodes[:-1] + xaxis_nodes[1:]) / 2
yaxis = (yaxis_nodes[:-1] + yaxis_nodes[1:]) / 2
zaxis = (zaxis_nodes[:-1] + zaxis_nodes[1:]) / 2

Thanks a lot !