How to export the high quality of results images from Analysis section

Hi all

At the moment, I would like to export the high quality of result images from Analysis section.
Any way to figure it out?

I typically just take screenshots (I recommend SnagIt since it 'snaps' screenshots to subwindows (for example, just the rendering window).

Alternatively, for reproducibility, I sometimes use a script to take screenshots.

There's a third way (unfortunately not so reliable), which is to use the built in Screen shot grabber ... Go to 3D View -> Screen Capture (you need to configure it first ... I say it's unreliable because saving a particular '3D View' (Camera Settings -> Save) doesn't work well when you reimport it (views get forgotten or overwritten)

For the script I do something like this. I create a wireframe, zoom to it, and then use the following script (which you'll need to tweak via trial and error since you might get weird behavior for the color bars and ruler, axis, etc).

#Manual Record Screenshot
import s4l_v1 as s4l
import XCoreModeling
import XRendererUI
import XCoreUI

bb = "CameraBoundingBox"

e_cam = s4l.model.AllEntities()[bb]
bb_pts = XCoreModeling.GetBoundingBox([e_cam])
oglview = XCoreUI.GetUIApp().Frame.MainView[0]
oglview.ZoomTo(bb_pts[0], bb_pts[1])
x_size = bb_pts[1][0]-bb_pts[0][0]
z_size = bb_pts[1][2]-bb_pts[0][2]

img_dim = [x_size,z_size] 

screen_prefix = "Test"
screen_name = "Test"
XRendererUI.SaveScreenCapture(width = int(1000*img_dim[0]/img_dim[1]), height = 1000, \
	transparent_background = False, output_folder=r"C:\Users\montanaro\Desktop\Screen", \