Using Port Calculator and Scattering Evaluator algorithms

The network analysis algorithm allows quickly accessing some commonly used quantities like scattering coefficients. Sometimes, though, it is useful to compute one ore more of these quantities "manually", namely by explicitly specifying where the incident and reflected power waves are measured:


Hello Sylvain,

Thank you for this example. In your example, is it possible in workbench "drag" input "passive" link (step 3) from "Source (Element - Full Array1/Element 3 - 1)" to another "passive" port e.g. "Source (Element - Full Array1/Element 3 - 3)"?




Hi, the Workbench does not allow "dragging" input or output connections (yet). However, if you select an algorithm (which you can do in the Workbench), you can change its "Input Connection" in the "Properties" window:

2019-09-13 08_30_15-_patch_mmWave.smash - Sim4Life.png