Solved Is there an equivalent of "Remove Parametrization" from the Python API?

I would like to unite a coil (created using the Template Tool) with a polyline (to close the circuit).
The Boolean operations are not available, however, since the coil objects are locked. Removing the parametrization of the coil works in the GUI but how to do it from Python?


No clue if you still need the answer to this, but a solution is:

import s4l_v1.model as model

entities = model.AllEntities()

# select the group of coils
Coil_Group = entities['COIL 1']

# get the entities of in the group
Coils = Coil_Group.Entities

# loop over the entities and set the remove only to false
# this should be enough to use boolean operations
for Coil in Coils:
	Coil.ReadOnly = False

# if you also want to remove the parameters from the coil group

Cheers ^^

Brilliant, thanks!