Import a 3D geometry to sim4life

Hi, i have a 3d geometry i need to import from inventor to sim4life.

I tried to import it as a .stl file (i tried with other file types but it gives always some error), but after i import the geometry, i can't select all the subobjects in the 3d, and i can select only the entire geometry. This is a problem because i can't assign materials or other things to single components.

Do you know how to solve this issue? Thank you for your help.

when you write inventor, do you mean "Autodesk Inventor" or "Open Inventor"?

I guess the file is some kind of assembly, which is exported as a single STL file. STL does not support multi-part models, so you would need to export each part a separate STL file (or other format supported by Sim4Life), or you export it to a file format that supports multiple parts (ACIS .sab/.sat, STEP .step, ... VTK .vtm (multiblock)).

STL also only supports triangle surface representations, so if you had a NURBS CAD file, you loose the that by exporting to STL.

Searching for the topic I found this information for Autodesk Inventor to export as a multibody sab file:

btw. if the points in different parts aren't coincident, you may be lucky with your single STL file: try Modeling -> Mesh Tools -> Separate Meshes. This could separate disconnected parts.