'Point Sensor Tool' is not available

I tried using the Point Sensor tool in the Neuron model but it failed and I cannot drag and drop the axon into the Sensor node. I do install NEURON SOFTWARE in Sim4life. The prompt in Consol is shown as the appendix.捕获.PNG

Hi, if you're following the Neuron tutorial please make sure to follow it exactly, there's always a source of confusion there (due to similar names). I don't have S4L in front of me now, but if I recall correctly, you had to go to Sensors, then New Settings then create a new Point Sensor and drag and drop to the created 'subgroup' (not to where it says 'Sensors').

A better and more precise way is to create a point sensor setting under point sensors in the tree. Then drag a trajectory of the axon you're interested in to that point sensor setting. Then open properties window and use the drop-down menu to select the exact node you want. You will see a dot on the axon in the 3D window of the simulation showing you where the point sensor is.