how do i get introductions about analyzing human body model

Hello, I am currently in the process of using sim4life light. During use, I want to analyze the Yoon Sun model provided by your company, but the manual does not mention the steps related to how to analyze the human body model. . How can I get these help! Thank you very much for your reply.

Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by analyze the body model? If you mean results of a simulation using the human body model, the analysis steps are the same as for any other model, as far as I know. So for example you may find it useful to check the Sim4Life manual section on Data Analysis & Post-processing.

yeah,thank you for your help,i realise i can refer to other examples,There is a problem with creating voxels after separating the grid. Access Cheesecake cannot view voxels. I wonder what the problem is and hope you can help me. I can add your email address, so that it is convenient to communicate with you.