simulation failed

When I used the yoon sun arm simulaiton case in the tutorial in sim4life light, I found that after create voxels, the operation failed immediately after running. Why?

Can you share what error you get?

well,first i want to use the tutorial --Yoon-sunArmStimulation from sim4life light 6.0,but when i click the run button,First, a prompt of successful project creation popped up in the lower right corner of the software, and then a prompt of simulation failure appeared. Later, I thought I imported the arm model myself and simulated it according to the tutorial, but in "Select the "Nerve_ventral_root_spinal_T1_Brachial_plexus_ulnar_right_6" from the "Yoon-sun_right_arm_trajectories" folder in the icon_multi_tree Multi-Tree | icon_multi_tree_model Model window and drag and drop it onto the first set of three point sensor settings folders. "There is a problem with this step because the file I dragged cannot be imported into the first set of three point sensor, I don’t Know what causes this.I don’t Know what causes this. I am not sure if you can understand my current difficulties. Hope to hear from you very much.

Have you loaded the neurons model? You know that it has been loaded successfully when you see a little lock next to it.

yeah , I did exactly what I was told to do

@daolin_qu Could you please check that you are selecting the Nerve_ventral_root_spinal_T1_Brachial_plexus_ulnar_right_6 spline entity and not the nerve itself that instead is a surface mesh entity part of the anatomical body? Thanks!