Units of Vector Potential Source in Magneto Quasi Static


I am trying to calculate the E-field induced on the body models when driving our gradient coils. I am first running a Biot-Savart simulation and then using the Field Sensor as a source in the magneto quasi static simulations for final E-field calculations.

I wanted to check the scaling and units of the simulations using a simpler conductive geometries with a known approximate analytical approximations. First of all, I believe that E-field values exported to MATLAB are the peak values displayed in the Slice Viewer/Analysis. Second and more importantly, I guess that I have to scale the field by sqrt(2) to match theoretical expectations. **For example, I am running Biot Savart with 1A current. When I use this as a source in magneto-quasi static at 1kHz (as an example), do the E-fields represents results for 1A * cos(2pift) source or 1/sqrt(2) 1A * cos(2pif*t)? My understanding is that it is using source as an RMS(1/sqrt(2)) values, therefore, resulting E-fields are also in RMS. Is that correct?

Let's I want to calculate the ratio of E(coming from magneto-quasi static) and B(coming from Biot Savart), I have to multiply E fields by sqrt(2) to match the units (RMS vs. peak). Can anybody please clarify on the units?

Best regards and thanks.