How to choose between EM LF ELECTRO and Magneto

In the process of learning to use s4l, I don’t know how to choose to use the EM LF Electro and EM LF Magneto modules for work. I can hardly see the difference from the following introduction, and I don’t know whether the EM LF Electro module is only The electric field is generated or the EM LF Magneto module generates a magnetic field, because we know that there are electric and magnetic fields in the electromagnetic field, so if I need the existence of two physical fields in the process of using, I need to use the two modules to work at the same time ? Hope to get your help.

details can be found in the s4l manual section Choosing the Appropriate Low Frequency Solver

That’s great brother, your suggestion helped me a lot and allowed me to fundamentally distinguish the use of the two models.I want to ask you a question. The two low-frequency modules I mentioned above are an electric field and a magnetic field, but if I want to create a low-frequency geomagnetic field, what do I need to do? Because the electromagnetic field is composed of electric and magnetic fields at the same time.

My guess, according to the mentioned manual by using the low-frequency modules, s4l solves the E-field and H-field separately. Alternatively, a scaling method can solve a problem at high frequency and then scaling results to a lower frequency. this is some ref. . Hopefully this infor can help

Scaling method ref. Furse C M and Gandhi O P1998 "Calculation of Electric Fields andCurrents Induced in a Millimeter-Resolution Human Model at 60 Hz Using the FDTD Method" Bioelectromagnetics 19:293–299 (1998)