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I am currently doing research on the electromagnetic field radiation to the human arm. This time I used the FDTD module, but I found some problems. I hope to get your explanation. First of all, it can be seen from the first picture (11111) that there is a more blurred part on the surface of the arm, which makes me unable to distinguish whether it is the skin on the arm or something. Because it can be seen that this part has electromagnetic radiation analysis. The second question comes from the second picture (22222). It can be seen from the top view of the electric field on the arm by the dipole antenna. Should it be distributed in the arm like this? Because I am not sure, I hope that if you make something similar, you can help me answer my question. The third problem can be seen in the third picture. I simulated the temperature field of the arm according to the temperature field simulation of the dipole antenna on the human brain in the manual, but I found that the result is as shown in the third picture (3333). It shows that the entire cross-section of the arm has temperature, and the temperature is 0.2℃ lower than the initial temperature set. The most important thing is, I think the skin temperature near the dipole antenna should be higher?
11111.png 2222.png 333.png