About how to use sim4life to simulate the tactile feedback of upper limb electrical stimulation

I am currently using the sim4life light version and have always used the electrical stimulation module. I now want to connect the electrostatic field module with the nerve module for simulation, but through the software's instruction manual, I don’t know how to perform the simulation. Stimulate feedback friends, everyone’s thoughts on this issue

Have you tried following the yoon-sun arm stimulation tutorial? Its very helpful.

@daolin_qu I can't enter into the detail of accurately modeling the tactile feedback of upper limb electric stimulation. However, the T-Neuro module, the one you use to model neurostimulation, can be coupled with all the Low Frequency Electric solvers, including the electrostatic solver.

Please have a look at the different tutorials of the T-Neuro module.
All the best!

@lj I have followed the yoon-sun arm stimulation tutorial, but I don’t understand the meaning of the results obtained. I don’t know the relationship between these results and tactile feedback, nor can I understand how to get information about tactile sensation and nerve fiber potential. Information link.