How to add a layer with a thickness over a ViP model, e.g., clothing?

NOTE: This feature is only available with Sim4Life V6.2.1. At the time of publishing this post, this version has not been released yet.

  1. Load a ViP model shell into the project. There is one example shell distributed with the tutorials. Other shells will be made available in the future. (Alternatively, the skin of a model can be used, but might be much slower to process)
  2. Select the shell model entity and from the ribbon, select Mesh Tools | Mesh Doctor
  3. From the Options window, select Make Manifold
  4. Create a block or cylinder covering the parts of the body to be covered by an extra thicker layer
  5. Multi-select the Skin and the Block. From the ribbon, select Mesh Tools | Intersection patch
  6. Select the newly created patch. From the ribbon, select Mesh Tools | Extrude Patch
  7. Assign a thickness in the Options window and select Run

Make Manifold.gif
Intersect Patch.gif
Extrude Patch.gif

Hello. Thank you for showing such nice example. I have a question, is Sim4Life V6.2.1 available now? In my sim4life update tool, the latest version showing for download is V6.2.0.4280.
Best regards

Hi Habib,

Thanks for the demonstration. I have two questions:

  1. I use Sim4Life V6.2.2.5984 for science. When I select Mesh Tools, the Mesh Doctor option does not appear and I, therefore, can't select Make Manifold.

  2. Say I wanted to create multiple layers of clothing, e.g. a vest, then a shirt, then a jersey, and finally a coat. How would I go about doing this using your method?

Hi @sipho-mfolozi

I think the Mesh Doctor should be available in Sim4Life for science. I think it is part of the basic framework.

Regarding your second question, you have two options:

  • you extrude multiple times with different thickness value. this will create overlapping regions - in the voxeler you need to specify the priorities
  • you create a patch on the first layer (only the outer surface) and extrude from there (see animation below)

Youtube Video