Clone As Static in API

How do I clone a human body model (like Duke) to a static version in the API? Is there a function for that? Because I did search thru the API Browser for it, I will find advice on searching useful, too.

HI Matthew, I don't think "Clone as static" exists as such in the API (I may be wrong, though) but I'm now curious to know more about your workflow. In what context is it beneficial to do such an operation via the API rather than the GUI? not saying you shouldn't use the API for that, just curious 🙂

@sylvain Thanks for the reply. This is for MR transmit volume coil simulations. We often do multiple runs -- maybe 100 or so -- with the "patient" in different positions, so different transmit conditions. Once we have the scripting down, the jobs can run unattended. Relying on the GUI makes that difficult.

We are quite a ways off from this goal, but every step helps 🙂

Matthew Eash

Hi Matthew, thanks for the additional information. If I understand correctly, there are mainly 3 steps at play here, each of which repeated a certain number of times:

  1. Posing the anatomical model to the desired posture
  2. Moving the model to the desired position inside the coil
  3. Running the simulation

What I would do for a workflow like this is:

  1. a) Pose the model to the desired posture [in the GUI]
    b) "Clone As Static" the desired posture [in the GUI]
    c) Export the posed model to a .sab file [using a script in the GUI, but clicking buttons could also do]
  2. a) Starting from scratch, load the coil and load the posed model [using a script]
    b) Move the model to the desired position [using a script]
    c) Setup the simulation [using a script]
  3. Run the simulation [using a script]
    (4). Postprocess the simulation [using a script]

So to answer your initial question: I still don't know how to Clone As Static from a script, but since I also don't know how to use the POSER from a script I would anyway still have to use the GUI to create each posture (and then the "Clone as static" is only one click away...).
Let me know if I misunderstood your workflow, or if you find a better way to achieve it than what I suggested.