Tutorial Grid Error "Yoon-sun Arm Stimulation"

Hello 🙂

I'm trying to follow the "Yoon-sun Arm Stimulation" tutorial. In part, I'm having trouble with step 8 under "Grid". It says to hit "Update Grid", but I'm getting a "Maximal cell count exceeded" error, but I checked and double checked that I followed the listed numbers in the rest of the tutorial.

Any tips on how to solve this would be highly appreciated! Thank you!

I think I had the same error before. If you double-check the grid resolution I think it automatically sets it up to 0.0625 rather than 0.625. Just make sure all the dimensions match the screenshot in the tutorial.

@lj Thanks for the tip!! After doing what you suggested, I also found that my second manual grid had a priority of 50 when the tutorial one has 0 - I changed it and it matches up perfectly now! Any idea what priority means in the context of the grid?

As far as I understand the priority is considered when you have two objects in the same location with different settings so the higher priority setting is used. So for example, you can have one object within the other, if the inside object has a lower priority then its grid size will simply be that of the outer object. Similar to how it works with voxels- If you have two objects in the same location, the material settings will be assigned to that with the higher priority.

This is how I understand it and I think it makes sense. I could be wrong though.

@LJ your explanation is correct. More precisely, the priority is used to resolve conflicts between objects that have features or edges close to each other, closer than the set geometry resolution. The geometry resolution defines the level of detail that the base lines (red lines) can see, and how close to each other two base lines are allowed to be.

If two baselines from two different objects (or settings groups) are closer to each other, they're not allowed to both exist if the priorities are the same. If one has a higher priority, that one wins and only its baseline will be included in the grid.

A priority of 100 forces the baseline to exist regardless of the value of the geometry resolution.
A priority of 0 means no baselines are used for an object of settings folder containing multiple objects.

Thank you @LJ and @Habib!! Fantastic explanations, I understand 🙂