Simulating a bipolar electrode with contant power


I am pretty new to this and it could be that this question might be redundant (I am really sorry in that case).

I am trying to simulate the EM field generated by an electrical device which can essentially be thought as the following -

a) Bipolar device with the electrodes separated by a few microns (to allow a complete current path to itself)
b) Fixed DC voltage and current (or say a device with constant power).

I was going through the manual but couldn't find how to achieve this.
I would really appreciate any suggestions, leads, or references on achieving it.

Thank you so much for your help.

There is a tutorial called "Parallel Plates" for the LF (low-frequency) solver. I think it does exactly what you need. You can access the step-by-step instructions from Sim4Life -> Help -> HTML Tutorials -> 3.2.1. Parallel Plates
You can also open the Sim4Life project using Sim4Life -> File -> Open Tutorial -> EM LF Tutorials -> Parallel Plates.smash