Unsolved Error in loading neuron model


I am following the monopole stimulation tutorial with a few changes (in terms of bias and dimensions). However, when I am trying to load the SENN model for the Axon, I am seeing error (the status in simulation box doesn't go to "Ready" mode and stays back in "No Discretization" mode). Please see the image attached.

Any help would be highly appreciated.




You have to first install NEURON using the Sim4Life Neuron installer. Please check the documentation for details.

You can find the installer in the link below:


Thanks for the reply.

Actually, I have installed the neuron, and I can simulate a few tutorial files as well.
Only when I am trying to scale down the model (to um), I am seeing this issue. Is there any limit on the neuron model in terms of dimensions? Maybe that can help me fix it.


How can I get the download code of neuro solver?