User defined waveform not importing correctly

I have been attempting to simulate a series of RF pulses in Sim4life in order to assess heating effects, by importing a user defined text file. As a starting point, I have been attempting to simulate these in a gel as per tutorial 3.3.4. The steps I take are:

  • Create 100 x 100 x 300 wire cube plane wave source

  • Create 160 x 160 x 360 gel cube with electrical conductivity of 0.47 and relative permittivity of 78

I then set up a EM - EM FDTD simulation with the wire mesh as the source. I import my file, with a user defined bandwith of 64 MHz and amplitude of 1V, and then attempt to view the source signal. This is where Sim4life appears to have difficulties. It does not import the whole file.

This is the signal I get shown:


And if I change the axis I get:


However, the whole file actually contains four repeats of the sequence seen in the second figure (one small four large pulses), which Sim4life does not seem to pick up on. It cuts it off after the second repeat starts. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this may be?