Problems with my simulation


I am trying to calculate SAR from my model, I explain the process that I am following:

  • I import the model of a patient in a .nii file and the tissues in a .txt
  • I create a Birdcage (8 legs and the specific radius and length), I leave the rest of the parameters as they are

Step to the simulation section:

  • I create an EM FDTD Multiport, and drag my model and the antenna to this EM FDTD Multiport. I do not modify anything, I leave everything as it is and the Grid I give Auto grid update. Later I give Run and wait for my simulation.

Step to the analysis section:

This is where my problem is. I click on my simulated model (my goal is to calculate the SAR) and give Simulation Comb (here theoretically I should get something from Output View - Overall Field- Sensor Combiner) but nothing comes out. Any idea what my problem might be? Thanks!