Pig Simulation: Failed to create heat source field extractor

Re: iSolve failed in pig simulation.

I am following the tutorial, "Focused UltraSound Treatment of Anatomical Head" but adapting it for FUS in a pig liver. I can perform the pressure field simulation. However, when I attempt to perform the thermal simulation, I receive the following error, "Failed to create heat source field extractor". Any ideas how to fix?


Hi, did you make sure your Thermal Simulation has results? It's hard to be able to tell from the data provided

The thermal simulation does not execute. After I submit the job it runs for a moment then fails with this error message.

This error message is for the Acoustic simulation. Maybe you haven't run the Thermal simulation? You need to run the Thermal simulation first and this needs to have results before you can run the Acoustic simulation which uses the results from the thermal simulation

If you are having problems with the thermal simulation I'd need to see your thermal simulation settings, maybe attach a screenshot where I can see the settings?

I updated the pig simulation with a Yasoon simulation. If I run the thermal simulation first I get an error message to run the acoustic simulation first, the thermal simulation. Also, the transcranial focused ultrasound tutorial uses the acoustic simulation first.


Ah true, sorry I was misremembering ... Can you show me what your Thermal source settings look like?

Yes. The source settings are shown here.


Seems alright to me.. How big is the file? I can take a look at it if you want. You can send me the input file and I can try to take a quick look at it

The file is 3 GB. If you send me your email address, I can share a link with Microsoft Onedrive and you can access it online.

I'd just need the input file ... Is it still that big? I'll send you my email by private message

I do not know where to find the input file. I have one file that contains the entire project.

In S4L projects you have a smash file and then a folder with different _Input.h5 and _Output.h5 file ... I would need the .smash file (I incorrectly said input file earlier)

Hi, seems I need to be in your network / university to access that link.. Won't let me download it

I think I must link your email address to share the .smash file.

I sent you my email by private message, let me know if you get it

I added your email to the OneDrive link. You should receive an automated email.

Here is snapshot for the animation of the pressure field. The video is too large to upload.


Ohh I see what the issue is now ...

You need to have results in the frequency domain (steady state). It then uses this steady state result to heat the tissue

The thermal solver uses the dP/dV field (deposited energy) from the acoustic solver as an input. Since your results are only in the time domain, then this field is not available (you can check it yourself by a) looking at your Field Sensor Settings with Overall Field and see that your recording domain is only in Time Domain ... and b) when you extract Acoustic results, you only get p(x,y,z,t) and you don't get p(x,y,z,f) or dP/dV)

You should therefore change your recording domain to "Frequency Domain" or "Frequency and Time Domain"