cannot find EM-FDTD solver in Simulation tab

Hi! I am a first-time user and currently going through the recommended tutorials. I am trying the tutorial SAR in a Flat Phantom and cannot find the EM - FDTD folder under the new button in Simulation tab (please see attached image). How can I find this solver? Thanks!

hi, the list of solvers that you see in this list may be restricted by your Sim4Life license. If, for some reason, you do not have a license for the FDTD solver (or if the license is invalid), the icon for the FDTD solver will not show up.
You can inspect the content of your license using the Licensing tool in the HELP menu.

@Sylvain thanks for your reply! I did check with my supervisor and it is true that our license does not include that solver as our project does not need it.