White matter anisotropy

i was able to use the trial version of the software and finally we bought it and now we want to perform TI simulation with anisotropic properties of the whitte matter and in the midbrain.
the 2 screenshot was a simulation performed by Antonino Cassara and i would like to reproduce the simulation he sent us but i don't have access to the anisotropic data.
how to have access to these files ?

12.PNG 22.PNG

@pastis the anisotropic conductivity is subject specific, and could be evaluated from diffusion weighted images (based on Tuch et al.). Sim4life has an implementation to compute this, but we recently noticed a bug in 6.2 which has been fixed for the 7.0 branch. We will include a python tutorial for this workflow in the 7.0 release.

Alternatively, Sim4Life allows to generate anisotropic conductivity tensor fields given a field that encodes the main directionality (i.e. direction of largest eigenvector). This can be useful for tissues where there is a known directionality, e.g. along some elongated structure.