RAM Usage Limit

I am running some Magneto quasistatic . I want to limit the RAM usage by S4L because it usually occupies either %100 CPU and 100% Memory (RAM) although I have 256GB of RAM. I am running very large simulations; however, I also want to use my computer for at least basic tasks while large S4L simulations are running. Is there a way to limit maximum amount of RAM used by S4L? I would appreciate your suggestions, Thank you.

Unfortunately there is no direct way from Sim4Life to limit the amount of RAM to allocate for the program. You may be able to do so using external tools that tap into the operating system's settings and manage the resources. But we are not aware of any and we did not test any that we would recommend.

The reason your PC is slowing down is because the OS switches to paging on disk instead of using fast RAM. Paging is slow and uses CPU resources. My guess is that even if you limit the RAM for Sim4Life, the solver will still need a lot more memory and it will either fail or use the disk for paging resulting in the similar slowing effect.