E field converts to the SAR - how to extract the electrical properties of the phantom (ie, coordinate and conductivity and tissue density))

Hi all,

to derive the SAR from the E field, I need to know the conductivity and tissue densities at each of the grid points. does anyone know how to extract the phantom information ie, conductivity, density and coordinate?

Due to end user agreements, you cannot export phantom info in grids.
According to one of the former entries in this forum, you may consider exporting D and E fields separately and divide them to find epsilon_complex. Similarly, exporting J- and E- fields to calculate conductivity (since J=sigma*E), may help. please be aware that this will not help for the tissue boundaries. You may cross check your computations from the it’is4.0 database loaded in Sim4Life.
I hope this may help in your situation. Again, please make sure that you are not violating EULA by reconstructing these body models or sharing the data with third parties. Just keep your field results 🙂 not the reconstructed body models.