Cannot read document verion


I've had this error occur a few times lately where a file that was working perfectly stops working and I get the following error when I try to open it:

arguments to routine - Inappropriate type: not a location
arguments to routine - Bad value: invalid object ID
ERROR: Could not read document version of file

Do you know what might be causing that? I've had to restart a few simulations because of this and would like to avoid it happening again if possible.


Are you working with different versions of Sim4life? Which?
If it happens, could you send the smash file to support?
If you need to recover the model you may be able to "Import" the smash file in the modeler instead "Opening" it.

I have two versions installed (6.2.2 and 7.00) and I tried opening the file with both. I have now deleted the smash file that wasn't working and started over, but if it happens again, I will try the import option- thanks!