How is the link between "simulations" and their "results" defined?

Sim4Life users set up some simulations and produce results. It is sometimes useful to understand how this information is stored on disk, how it is accessed, and how simulations and results are linked with each other.

  • Simulations are objects with unique identifiers (UUID). They are stored in the .smash files. They can be accessed from Python via document.AllSimulations.

  • Simulations can generate results. Those are tagged with the UUID of the simulation. The results are stored in a separate folder.

  • Simulations search for existing results based on the UUID. If matching results are found, they are automatically "linked" to the simulation in the Analysis tab and can be postprocessed.

  • Results can be imported directly. This can be done from Python using the SimulationExtractor algorithm.

  • These concepts are extremely robust, in the sense that they guarantee that Simulations and Results are "linked" if and only if one has truly generated the other.

NB: see section " Project files" of the user manual of Sim4Life V4.0 (or SEMCAD X 17.0) for a description of the different files