How to create the model by 2D picture

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In Silico Modeling of Neurovascular Bundle Stimulation in Sim4Life V7.0
I watched the video,but I could not understand how to create the model by 2D pictures.Who someone could tell me the detail steps?

Th movie shows different approaches

  • segment the image in iSEG
  • import the segmentation in Sim4Life as labelfield
  • mesh the image (creates a 2d triangular mesh with patches per tissue region)
  • extrude the patches to create a 3d unstructured mesh


  • import the image in Sim4Life
  • draw splines on the contours of tissue regions. The line will snap to the image entity. Make sure to close the loops.
  • cover the loops (flat sheet per loop) (Wire Tools -> Cover Loops)
  • select the cover loops and merge (Boolean -> Merge)
  • convert to mesh (Mesh Tools -> To Mesh)
  • remesh patches to have reasonable resolution (Remesh or Local Remesh)
  • extrude (Mesh Tools -> Extrude)

@bryn Thank you very much.I had succeeded.