Current field simulation

I want to apply voltage to the human body through electrodes to get the current field distribution in the human body.But, I found out that there is only an electrostatic field and no current field.

By using the LF Electro-Static solver, you have access to the current density J as a simulation results.

@mélina Hi ,thank you for your reply. I have tried this way you mentioned before,but I can only got a electrostatic field(E).The value of current field(J) is 0 everywhere.I guess It may be that the phantom(provided by the software website) is non-conductive by default so that no current flows through the body or I made some wrong settings.

Dear Liu,
Yes, in order to see any losses, you need to set at least a conductivity different to 0. I would advice you to check if you set correct electric properties in the material settings.