How to Suppress an analysis exporter prompt in the Console Window

As the title says, I'm trying to suppress the output
"Analysis : [Info] EXCEL (R) Exporter saved data to ..." after running

However, I think a more broad question would be how I can find out what some of the possible inputs are for the excel_exporter.Update() line. I tried looking in the API but there's really no help (as shown below). Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, unfortunately most algorithms (this one included) do not have the option to mute their info messages. So I don't think there is a way to suppress this kind of output in the console.
As for the possible options for the Update() function, there is only one: overwrite=True/False, to determine the behavior of the exporter if the target file already exists. The Update() function is the equivalent of clicking the Refresh button in the algorithm in the GUI: it triggers the algorithm.
If the API Browser is lacking, you can find more information (like the function signature) by typing e.g.


in the Console.